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RVB Agency is owned and operated by Raina V. Bivens, a native of Oakland, CA who studied public relations & event management at University of Nevada Las Vegas. Raina also holds a degree in marketing and successfully completed certificate programs in human relations & LEAD management.


Raina started her career conducting market research studies for Fortune 500 companies at International Communications Research (ICR) where she discovered the importance of targeted brand messaging. This opportunity prepared her to take on a role with Atlantic Records where she was charged with the task of reaching the urban college demographic.


However, it wasn’t until she began her five-year tenure with MGM Resorts where she discovered her true passion for providing services and support to individuals and brands in need. Her role allowed her to coordinate numerous diversity and philanthropic related initiatives on behalf of the company, including large scale events, publicizing and developing messaging used in ad campaigns, executive speeches and collateral material.


In 2006, concurrent with her tenure with MGM, Raina created Party A La Mode- "The Sweetest Way to Party In-Style", a lifestyle brand where food, fashion & special events collide through the integration of digital media.


In 2010 she relocated to New York and assisted the Urban League in their efforts to provide support and give voice to the under-served through production and marketing of their 40th Annual Football Classic at MetLife Stadium and other events leading up to game day.


In 2012, Raina established Relevant. Visionary. Branding (RVB)  Agency as a way to package and extend all of her experience and capabilities to those in need of a unique set of specialized services including TV/event production, publicizing, marketing and managing creative projects for entertainment, hospitality, philanthropic & lifestyle brands while integrating social responsibility, diversity & sustainability. 


She is also an author, public speaker & Founder of Re-Style Your Life, a program created to assist individuals and brands with retraining their internal DNA & creating and external image to match the internal evolution. For additional details visit ReStyleYourLife.org


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